Stone Resin from Badeloft

Luxury only brings real joy if the price of a product is reflected in its high-quality properties. You will feel that you have made the right decision choosing your Badeloft bathtub or sink made of high-quality Stone Resin.

What is special about our Stone Resin?

Stone Resin from Badeloft is a composite made of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. This special composition allows us to create a high-gloss finish on our shiny Stone Resin, while competitor products mostly provide a matt-finish. Our Stone Resin has features similar to the Corian® compound however, it may be manufactured at much lower costs. This allows us to offer you premium Stone Resin products at competitive prices in high-end Stone Resin quality.

Manufacturing of Stone Resin

A brief overview of the Stone Resin manufacturing process for our bathtubs and sinks. The proportion of curing agents is essential as the material will become brittle otherwise.

Step 1)
In order to fulfill the requirements of Stone Resin on a daily basis, the proportion of the material component precisely matches each product.

Step 2)
In this step, the individual components are joined. According to their grain sizes, minerals, resin and hardener are mixed. Then, the bonding agent is added creating the Stone Resin for our bathtubs and sinks.

Step 3)
Now that the Stone Resin is liquefied, it is poured into the mold. As the Stone Resin will harden again, this must be done within a time frame of 6 hours.

Step 4)
Air bubbles will be formed when pouring the liquid Stone Resin into the mold. Shaking the mold causes these air bubbles to disappear.

Step 5)
The Stone Resin is drying under low heat hardening the bonding agent. This process takes up to 12 hours.
For a more detailed description of the Stone Resin manufacturing process please see page “Stone Resin Bathtubs”.

Stone Resin Care

The Badeloft Stone Resin care kit is ideal for the daily, gentle cleaning and maintenance of any matt and shiny Stone Resin finish in your bathroom. The Stone Resin cleaner easily removes lime, soap and dirt and provides protection to the Stone Resin due to its water repellency, when used regularly. The cleaner is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Stone Resin Cleaner